Welcome to Peggy’s

Where Whiskey Meets Wonder

"Have you met Peggy? She’s the talk of Glenwood South. A cocktail experience unlike any other!"

About Us

In the heart of Glenwood Downtown, nestled beside the renowned Hibernian Pub, you’ll discover the latest sensation in the cocktail scene.

Meet Peggy

Peggy isn't just a name; she's an experience. Born from the same brilliance as Aunty Betty, Peggy’s has a distinct charm all its own. Here, tradition meets innovation.


The true essence of Peggy's lies in the hands of our world-class mixologists, led by the renowned Greg Ewan. Each drink is a masterpiece, a tale of tradition.

Our Atmosphere

Step into an atmosphere that whispers elegance and shouts fun. Sink into our plush tangerine couches and bar stools, which aren’t just seats but a vibe in themselves. With our green-marble-topped bar, you’ll always find the perfect perch for that after-work drink or a delightful Saturday Funday.